Ritsu Onodera



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Program Manager for the Emerald Team




Masamune Takano (Ex-Lover; Now lover)

An Kohinata (Ritsu's Ex-Fiance; Good Friend)


March 27

Voice Actor(s):

Takashi Kondo

Ritsu Onodera is one of the main characters of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. He is the program director for the Emerald Team .


When Ritsu is first introduced we see him in a library about to pick up a new book. Right when he goes to grab it Masamune Saga reaches for the same book. It's said then that Onodera never gets close to Saga and always watches him from afar. Onodera lets Saga take the book, but not before he he blurts out that he loves him. They start to date and after a certain incident of Saga nervously laughing when Onodera asks him how he feels Onodera kicks Saga and runs away to another school to get away from him.

10 years later, Onodera is now 25 and had been working at his father's publishing company. He decides to quit after over hearing his co workers talk about how he rides his father's coat tails. He then gets hired to work with Emerald Editing under Masamune Takano. He doesn't relise that Takano is Saga who he was in love with 10 years ago. Takano realizes who Onodera is when Onodera makes a comment of how he used to read all the books in his library at school. Takano then tells Onodera who he is and that he has loved him for 10 years no matter who else he had been with he could never forget him.


Ritsu is mostly a happy person. Whenever he says he is going to do something he gets it done no matter what. When it comes to Takano he is always nervous arond him and is irratated by some of the things he says and doesn't always believe that Takano loves him. He may say that he hates Takano but in all actuality he loves him very much.