Masamune (Saga) BAKAno
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27 (or so you think... >:D)


December 24th

Hair Color:

Grayish Black

Eye Color:



Editor-In-Chief for Emerald Team, Being an ass


Father (Satan), Mother (Satan's Ex-wife), Cat (Sorata)


Ritsu Onodera ,Yokozawa Takafumi (Ex-Lover)

Voice Actor(s):

Katsuyuki Konishi

Masamune (Saga) Takano is one of the main characters of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. He works as the Editor-In-Chief for the Emerald Team (also known as 'The Maiden Club). He and Onodera dated in high school but split up over a misunderstanding. When he and Onodera meet again, he promises to "Make you say that you love me again."


Masamune Takano, whose name was actually Saga', was a very silent person, when he was a high school student. His father was a surgeon, while his mother was a lawyer. From the outside, he was from a high-status family, but in reality his family was about to fall apart and they were rarely at home. It made him lonely and he developed a skeptic, angry personality. The only companion he would have was a stray cat he picked up from the street and who he had called 'Sorata'. After school, he would spend most of his time in the school's liberary, since there would be nobody at home for him.

They day that Onodera Ritsu accidently confessed his love for him, Takano knew already who he was, though he thought Onodera's name was 'Oda' Ritsu. When Takano would re-borrow a book from the liberary, he would find that name right underneath his own name. At first, he didn't thought much of it, but then it happened with every book he had once read. Around the same time, he realized that there was an under-classman,who would always watch him. Shortly after, Ondera had confessed to him.Takano suggested that they should date with each other, but he wasn't serieus about it. He didn't understand why Onodera had feelings for him, since they've never spoke to one another and because they were both men. Even so, Takona realized that Ondora's feelings were genuinely and he decided that he would completely shatter his illusions about him.

In the past, he had girlfriends, but he had never been in love with any of them. At first, he didn't like the idea to date a boy, but he triend anyway. When Onodera and he were spending time together, they found out that they both love books. Even though Takano enjoyed talking about things he loves and he had fun, he also realized the difference between himself and Onodera. He saw that Onodera was from a loving family and was innocent. It made him realize the dark parts of himself, what irritated him.

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High school years

Because of all the stress at home and the lonely existence he was living, his anger grew. When he returns to the school liberary and finds Onodera waiting for him, he lashes his anger out at him. In his anger, he called Onodera annoying and the idea of men dating gross. When Takano calms down a bit, he says that he would rather be alone. A flustered Onodera leaves, leaving Takano alone in the liberary. He realized that he had hurt Onodera, but tells himself that he doesn't care and he expected that Onodera would not return anymore.

Once he was kicked out of the liberay, Takano saw that it was raining outside. Much to his surprise he finds Onodera waiting for him at the exit, with an umberalla. Onodera explains that he could perfectly understand why Takano thought the idea of them going out together was gross and that he would listen to anything he has to say, if it helps Takano. Takano then realized that the reason why Onodera would go through all that trouble was not because he expected something back, but because he simply loves Takano. As Takano holds his hand for a brief moment, a flustered Onodera leaves in a moment of panic. On his way home,Takano realizes that something is changing in him, as it isn't his personality to touch someone

The next day, the whole school has morning greetings in the gym. In the hallway, Takano sees Onodera, who bumps into an object and hurts himself. Takano can't help but to laugh at him. He was shocked at his own reaction and for the first time in his life, he had fallen in love with someone. 

For a time, Onodera and Takano went out with each other and it was a happy time for both of them. But because of misunderstanding, Onodera left him. A confused Takano tried to find Onodera, but that was impossible, since he thought his name was 'Oda Ritsu'. Shortly afterwars, his parents divorced and moved with his mother to Kagawa, until his graduation from high school. For his college, he came back to Tokyo. I

n the meantime, he had found out that Onodera was engaged at the time that he and Takano were dating and that the ex-husband of his mother wasn't his real father. Takano had a breakdown because of those events and started to live reckless and careless. Because of his friend, Yokozawa Takafumi, Takano overcame it and for a while, he dated Yokozawa. Once again, Takano realized that he couldn't forget Onodera and he broke up with Yokozawa. Nevertheless, they stayed good friends with each other.

Ten years later, after the events on high school, Takano is twenty-seven years old and works as an editor for the shoujo manga division of Marukawa Shoten. While he enjoyed his work and got his life back on the rails, he still was unable to forget his first love. One day a new employee starts working in their department, named Onodera Ritsu. At first, he doesn't recognized him because of the name and because Onodera changed a lot during those years. Once he realized that Onodera was the same person back in their school days, Takano is determined to make Onodera love him once again.